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What To Do When Someone Wants To Buy Your House Privately

What if someone knocks on your door one day and expresses their interest in buying your home, even though you’re not selling it? Most buyers will seek the help of a real estate agent or a go online to browse listings. But sometimes, individuals or organizations will visit or call a non-seller to express their desire to buy an unlisted home. They are called private buyers.

Here, you will know more about private selling and the actions to take to get the most out of the deal from a private buyer. At the same time, it is a guide for interested parties curious about how to buy a house privately.

What Is A Private Buyer?

Let’s say I want to buy a house privately because I don’t want to use the professional services of a real estate agent. That makes me a private buyer, and there are a few reasons why some individuals would choose to take this direction.

Real estate agents require fees and other costs for their time and effort when helping buyers and sellers. Skipping the assistance of a real estate agent is more affordable. Additionally, agents can’t always answer questions buyers might have because they are bound by law. Private buyers who can contact homeowners can get the answers they need.

In terms of schedule, it is also more beneficial for the buyer and the seller. This is because they wouldn’t need to wait for the agent to make inquiries about the house and the neighborhood for them. 

Steps To Take If A Private Buyer Offers To Buy Your House

A private buyer will either send you a letter or an email or will talk to you in person to discuss their interest in your home even though you are currently not selling your property. You don’t have to do anything if you don’t have any desire to sell, but you can still listen to what the buyer has to say and what they can offer. Perhaps you might also want to consider an off-market offer.

Here are some things you should do when a buyer wants to buy your property privately.

Ask Questions To Examine The Buyer

The buyer is likely a stranger, so you need to ask the following questions below. You need to gather information to learn the intentions of your buyer and to verify their identity and credibility. Knowing such information will help protect your best interests. 

  • Are you working with an agent?
  • Why are you buying?
  • Are you pre-approved for a mortgage?
  • Have long have you been looking for a property?
  • What are your desired areas?

Ask them why they chose your home. If you’re the only person they contacted, it may imply that they have a strong desire for your home. Listen to them carefully to establish their motivation, market experience, terms, and pricing for the property. If they are serious about their offer, they will accept your invitation to show them around. But as always, be cautious when letting a stranger into your home.

Seek Professional Advice

If you have worked with an excellent real estate agent before, you might want to contact them again for a consultation, especially if your agent is honest and experienced. Real estate events put value in the long-term relationship they have with their clients. They will likely advise you on an off-market sale. Some will offer to assist clients in an off-market deal for discounted commissions.

Expect The Unexpected

Off-market deals sometimes don’t work because the property owner may not have enough reason to sell. Almost all off-market negotiations end up with the struggle when the buyer wants to get the property short of a few thousand dollars. Both buyer and seller want the benefit of commission savings. The buyer is aware that the seller won’t be paying huge commissions. So, they might ask for a discount. Meanwhile, the homeowner wants the full market value of the home. However, keep in mind that if the buyer truly wants the home, in most cases, they will be willing to pay the price set by the seller. 

If You Decide To Sell Your Home

If you think the person buyer made a hard-to-resist deal, you can choose to sell your home privately to avoid agent fees. Those who want to buy a house privately also skip agent services. But if you want to ensure that you’re not making any mistakes, you can arrange for a consultation with a professional instead.

Those who choose to sell privately may not even be aware that they can still use agents while avoiding paying hefty commissions. Seeking a real estate lawyer can also help clear things for you and draw up a purchase contract with clear negotiating terms. The buyer will take you more seriously if you provide a counteroffer through the attorney’s letterhead. 


Anyone can make an offer for your home, but you need to be sure that you’re making the right choice even if you’re not selling currently. While a private sale might seem more convenient for you financially-wise, you can still consult with professionals to help you benefit more from the sale. Lastly, take note of other considerations and weigh the pros and cons before selling.

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