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4 Ways To Find Potential Buyers For Your Old House

Eventually, there will come a time in your life when you’ll need to move out of your old home and relocate somewhere else. Perhaps it’s because of work, personal preferences, or you simply want to change your surrounding environment. This critical phase in your life requires you to prepare your old home to be sold to its new homeowner.

Everyone knows how crucial it is to purchase a home, and it can be the most significant financial decision they can ever make. Thus, among the concerns you’ll need to face include how to find homebuyers that are willing to meet your asking price and purchase your old house.

If your current house is of advanced age, you probably think it’d be challenging to find would-be buyers. But don’t fret; you’ve come to the right page if you want to learn some practical techniques in attracting the right prospects. With minor sprucing, decluttering, and smart marketing efforts, you can definitely seal the deal with a new homeowner in no time in selling your property.

Learn how to find home buyers leads now. Continue reading to learn more about the following tips so you’ll be able to know how to find home buyers online or offline easily.

  1. Contact A Licensed Real Estate Agent

It’s said that many have come to believe that they can sell their homes by themselves due to the recent changes in the real estate industry today. Although this is partly true, you should never overlook the importance of seeking the professional service of a licensed realtor.

For starters, there are a lot of advantages to working with a realtor. Firstly, with their help, you’ll get a substantial amount of traffic to your property listing consisting of individuals who are ready to purchase your property right away. They know where to find home buyers and how they can reach out to them.

Your listing will be delivered straight to buyers looking for homes like yours through similar agents with access to databases. Real estate agents usually come with many connections in their respective industries. They take part in many events, activities, and opportunities to meet other agents and clients. Nevertheless, their vast pool of network connections will give your home more chances to be sold quickly.  

In addition, they can vet prospective buyers for you. Agents are knowledgeable about sale contracts and can walk you through inspections, price negotiations, and the like. This eases the burden of the complicated actual sales process.

2. Create Listings Or Ads

There are many ways how to find home buyer leads. One of which is creating listings and ads published on the web.

When posting ads, it’s crucial to research the current value of your home first. You can compare it with the other listings and see how similar or different it is. When you need to sell fast, it’s essential to consider your home’s value in the current market.

Homebuyers look for homes within a specific price range when they do their search. Each home in that price range is presented in a short write-up and they usually use these to decide which homes they should schedule a home tour for. Ensure that your home posting or ad contains all the necessary information and details that give homebuyers a precise rundown.

Try not to overprice your home if you want it to sell quickly. In parallel, also ensure that you’re not on the losing end of the bargaining table. The key is to set a healthy price for both the buyer and yourself and negotiations can go on from there.

3. Market Your Home

Identifying the current real estate market will make it easier for you to market your home. Consider different variables when conducting your marketing efforts.

For instance, you may be required to take amazing photos in order to post them online or print them into your pamphlets. Drone photography is essential for certain homes, especially if they’re located on a waterfront, in the mountains, or on a large lot. To showcase the surrounding neighborhood in these cases, an aerial view would be of great benefit.

Getting the word out that your home is for sale is the first step toward selling it. Thus, you need to invest in a variety of marketing efforts. Someone will likely submit an offer for your home if more people know it is for sale. Thankfully, marketing comes in different methods and ways.

4. Word-Of-Mouth Marketing

You can conduct your marketing through face-to-face efforts. For instance, you can tell your friends, relatives, and the like about the news that you’re moving and selling your old home fast to get the word out. It’s said that word-of-mouth is an effective tool to market your home to buyers who are looking for a house they can buy.

5. Signage

You or your agent will be contacted by home shoppers immediately if they see the signage in front of your yard. Make use of this free space for advertising your home for sale. Ensure to keep your signage catchy and clear. You need to attract viewers and passersby to check out your sign. Depending on the location of your home, it’d be best to display two signages that allow maximum exposure.

Real estate signs may be prohibited by some homeowner’s associations though. Therefore, you need to ask permission and inquire first about this. When preparing your signage, ensure to include the phone number of the agent or brokerage.

6. Pamphlets And Print Ads

Newspaper ads reach buyers who read newspapers, while pamphlets can be distributed on a busy and high-traffic street. Ads should be placed in major newspapers. See which days get the most attention from readers. Set up a great layout for your printed ads as well. Local newspapers in your area are worth a look at too. It seems that local advertisements are cheaper so you can consider them.

As for printing and distributing your pamphlets, you can consider displaying some in a local grocery store near your neighborhood. Or you can allow some youngsters who can distribute your pamphlets at weekends in high traffic areas of your local town.

7. Social Media

A smart social media presence is beneficial for businesses of all sizes, yet it can’t be overstated how crucial social media is for the real estate industry. If you’re planning to sell your old home, you should take it into your social media accounts. Social media’s reach and influence are undeniable. In fact, almost everyone is active on their accounts. How to find home buyers online? You can take advantage of its reach.

You can capture attention quickly and encourage sharing by using an eye-catching image and including a packing message. Sharing information and inspiration that are valuable to both their personal and professional lives is a favorite activity on these platforms.

People often share their house-hunting struggles on social media too. You can find the people who are currently shopping for a home and be able to contact or reach them directly. Your posts can generate traffic and allow you to sell your home quickly.

8. Electronic Flyers (e-Flyers)

The ease of creating and sending electronic flyers is made possible by technology. Multiple photos of your home can be included. These can be done by yourself with the help of a professional photographer and editor. The key is to make your electronic flyer (e-flyer) creative and a complete stand-out.

9. Conduct Open Houses

You could increase your chances of finding more prospective buyers for your old home by doing open houses. Home buyers tend to flock to high-traffic areas, so if your property is near one, it’s probably a good idea to hold an open house. Post signs about your open house in the area to attract buyers. Publicize the available times of your open house online and in the local newspaper.

How to find home buyers leads? Buyers judge your house before they walk through the door, no matter how nice the interior may look. They always say first impressions last long, which is the same for your home. First impressions oftentimes are hard to change too. As people approach your property, it’s essential for them to feel welcome, comfortable, and safe.

Adding shrubs and flowers can brighten up the exterior of your home. There are many cost-effective ways to brighten up your curb appeal. Whether you decide to repaint or simply clean your sidings, these minimal efforts can already go a long way. Take time to check your entryways, driveways, and home exteriors. Place yourself in your prospect’s shoes and see which ones would be most important for you when you come for a visit. 


It can be stressful to sell a home, even more so if you need to move fast. How to find home buyers for your home? Thankfully, there are many effective ways to find more potential buyers for your old home. With the tips mentioned above, rest assured you can invite more individuals to have a look at your home and include it in their options.

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