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Selling A House Empty Or Furnished: Which Is Better?

Selling your home can be an exciting endeavour. Homeowners need to ensure that their properties are in the best condition. A well-maintained home is one of the best ways to get interested buyers.

The best way to sell your house and interest potential buyers is by putting your property on show. Potential buyers can see what living in your property will feel like, and the property’s best features get showcased.  

Another factor to consider when selling your home is whether you’ll sell it empty or fully furnished. Each option can present benefits as well as setbacks. Consider each option and pick the best one for you.

Selling Your House Fully Furnished

This option brings in more profit because buyers are not just buying the property but all the furniture and appliances that fill the home. This option is more attractive to clients with a bigger budget who want a place to settle down.

  1. Advantages Of Selling Your Home Furnished

Homes like these are usually fitted with high-quality furniture and appliances that are supposed to appeal to the client. If your property has slight imperfections, you can also use this option to use the decor and furniture to attract any potential buyers.

A fully furnished home will showcase the home’s charm.  Couple this with good-quality furniture and appliances, and you can get several interested buyers, making it one of the more effective ways to sell your house. To save money, you can stage the home with your furniture. Ensure that the furniture and appliances in the property are well-maintained, clean, and operational.

A well-furnished home will also leave a lasting impression on potential buyers as opposed to an empty house. Of course, it’s more visually impressive.

  • The Disadvantages Of Selling Your Home Furnished

The disadvantage of selling a furnished home is that some potential buyers may not like the furniture and appliances in the home.  Other buyers may like the home but can’t afford the extra costs of a furnished home. With the current financial climate, most buyers wouldn’t want to feel obligated to spend more than their budget.

Some buyers may have a sentimental attachment to their furniture and appliances, so a fully furnished home will not be appealing to them. They may view the home as cluttered without any space to add their furniture.

Some potential buyers might also be distracted by the furniture and appliances that they may not fully appreciate the house itself. Furniture can also get damaged or dirty during showings. This means you’ll have to spend more money to maintain the home and all the furniture. This will have to be done continuously until the sale is complete.

Space may also be compromised if you sell your home fully furnished. Some potential buyers prefer to live a minimalist lifestyle, so a fully furnished home won’t appeal to them. This is especially so for smaller properties. Selling your home fully furnished is best suited for potential homeowners who want a fully furnished home with the best appliances.

Selling Your House Empty

Selling your home empty is a great way to reach many potential buyers. The buyer only has to pay for the property and can fit the home with their own furniture and appliances. This means you won’t have to worry about ensuring your home has good furniture and appliances.

  1. Advantages Of Selling An Empty House

All you have to worry about is that the property is well-maintained and clean. You can sell the home depending on its property value alone.   

Potential buyers will also get a more accurate feel for the home. This is because there’ll be no furniture and appliances in the way. The downside is that they’ll also be able to see any imperfections the property may have. This may lead them to consider whether they can live with the property’s imperfection, leading to negotiation talks.

Your house may also sell faster because anyone who can afford your property will have an equal opportunity to buy the house as opposed to a fully furnished home that only people with bigger budgets can afford.

Potential buyers will also know that no one is living on the property and that it’s ready for fresh occupants to move in at their convenience.

If you’re selling vacation home, it’s more exciting for buyers to see it furnished. Seeing a bar at the corner or a patio roof extension that can double as a game room or outdoor den is just one of many reasons to snatch up your house.

2. Disadvantages Of Selling An Empty House

There are some disadvantages to selling an empty house. Firstly, it may make the property seem drab. You want potential buyers to be excited about your property during showings, so consider staging certain portions of your home temporarily. An empty home doesn’t ooze a lot of charm and may not leave a lasting impression on potential buyers. They may also start to wonder how long the property has been vacant, which can influence whether they buy your property or not.

If buyers want to move in quickly and don’t want to pick up the extra cost of moving furniture and all, an empty house will not be preferable. They’d much rather go furnished wherein all they have to do is bring themselves and their personal belongings. 

Which Is The Best Option?

This depends on your budget and how fast you want to sell your property. Buyers are unpredictable, so it’s best to be prepared for anything. Every homeowner and potential buyer has a reason for selling and buying a property. The option that allows them to do so without any hassle will be the best option for either party. For example, a buyer with a bigger budget looking to settle down in a short time frame would prefer a fully furnished home. This will save them time during packing and unpacking, making the moving-in process much easier. They will also appreciate the high-quality items in the home and have enough money to complete the sale.

On the other hand, a buyer with a smaller budget who is moving in the middle of the year would prefer an empty home as they have their furniture and appliances. Even with these examples, you never know what to expect from potential buyers, so you have to decide whether you have the budget to sell your home empty or fully furnished as well as covering maintenance costs.

You also have to consider how fast you want to sell your property. There are cash buyers who’d be willing to buy vacant or furnished houses as they renovate or spruce up the house before putting these up for sale anew.

Staging Your Home

Property owners who can’t decide whether they want to sell their homes empty or fully furnished can choose to stage their homes for showings. Home staging is a process where professional home stagers and interior decorators furnish each room in the home. Potential buyers get inspiration on how they can furnish the home, and they get to see the full potential of each space.

Staging the property also means that your property looks more appealing to potential buyers, and you get to save money. If you plan on staging your home, include it in your budget and consider how long you would like to stage the house.

If your budget can’t allow for you to stage your home, you can use your best furniture and stage it yourself or have an empty showing. You can visit your local Home Depot store and get items that show the property in its best light.

This can be new furniture, sheets, curtains, and other home products. You set the atmosphere of the home to lure interested buyers. Do your best to show the property’s best features, whether it’s by keeping some lights on or serving refreshments in the backyard during showings.

Consult A Professional

You can consult a professional to make a more informed decision on which option better suits your requirements and increases your chances for a successful sale. House flippers are professionals who know how to stage a home and make sure it’s in its best condition for a sale. So, whether you sell vacant or furnished, these cash buyers can quickly take the property off your hands and stage it or not for resale as necessary. After all, they know the market and what potential buyers are looking for. 

To find reliable real estate professionals in your area, you can visit your local classifieds or search online for cash buyers. Knowing the right people to work with will ensure a successful sale, whether selling a house empty or furnished. 


Consider all your options and make a well-informed decision. Selling your property is a very serious endeavor that requires the utmost care. Prepare a budget for the entire process, and ensure that your property remains well-maintained until the sale is complete. Work with a professional to successfully sell your property, whether it’s furnished or empty.

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